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Leachate Treatment By Advanced Oxidation Process

Leachate is the liquid that drains or leaches from a landfill. Leachate contain large amount of organic matter, ammonia-nitrogen, heavy metals, chlorinated organic compounds and inorganic salts. Leachate generation is a major problem for municipal solid waste landfills. If leachate is discharged into the environment without proper treatment, it pollutes the land and water resources and it causes great harm to the health of all life such as bleeding, stomach disorders, blood disorders, birth defect, cancer, etc. Therefore, the leachate should be properly treated before it enters the water resources. In accordant to this literature regarding treatment of leachate was studied and 4 methods such as fenton, solar photo fenton, solar photo catalysis, solar with Hydrogen peroxide, was adopted for Advanced Oxidation Process(AOP). The sample was collected from one of the largest dumping site such as Perungudi getting the permission from Commissioner of greater Chennai Corporation. Parameters such as pH, BOD, COD, turbidity, total solids, hardness, alkalinity, was found out in raw leachate. After this the treatment was carried out by using the 4 methods in AOP. And the parameters such as pH, BOD, COD, turbidity, total solids, hardness, alkalinity, were again found in treated leachate. On comparing the results of various methods of treatment, the most efficient method for the removal of pollutant from the raw leachate can thus be obtained. Keywords— Leachate, Solar Photo Fenton, Photo Catalysis, BOD, COD, Advanced Oxidation Process.