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Engineering Properties And Drying Shrinkage Of High-Performance Concrete With No-Cement SFC Binder

This study evaluates the engineering properties and drying shrinkage of a high-performance concrete (HPC) manufactured by an innovative no-cement SFC binder, which was purely produced with a ternary mixture of three industrial by-products of ground granulated blast furnace slag (S), low calcium Class F fly ash (F) and circulating fluidized bed combustion fly ash (C). A fixed amount of 15 wt.% of combustion fly ash was adopted to trigger the hydration mechanism of various mixtures with different fly ash to slag ratios. Experimental results showed that the high strength concretes with 28-day compressive strength in range of 40.2 to 42.6 MPa were possibly produced with SFC binder consisting of high amount of fly ash addition (up to 50% replacement for slag). With equivalent 28-days compressive strength, the HPC produced with SFC binder had flowing and passing capability superior to those of the flowable concrete made with plain ordinary Portland cement (OPC). The increase in fly ash addition resulted in the increase of flowing and passing capability and decrease in drying shrinkage of the resultant SFC based HPC so that it was encouraged to be used for improving the quality of the concrete. Keywords- CFBC Fly Ash; Coal Fly Ash; Slag; No-Cement; High-Strength Self Compacting Concrete.