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Three Dimensional Micro-Modeling Of Masonry Unit Using Finite Element Method

Masonry system is an alternate way of constructing low to medium rise building. Masonry structures are popular because of its low cost, thermal and sound insulation, easy availability and good vertical loading resistance. Masonry units are consisting of Mortar and Bricks. In this present study, the strength behavior of masonry components is investigated in the elastic region. A three-dimensional micro-model consisting of discrete elements of brick, closure and mortar are used in the analysis which together formed a 3D masonry wall. Finite element method is used to model the masonry structure. Stress analysis is carried in the masonry single brick wall having discontinuous vertical joints for different vertical load applied at the top of the wall. The stress developed in the lime mortar joint interface elements was found more than in brick element. Homogenization principles of material lead to a smoothing of stresses but in real case the elastic properties of mortar and brick portion are different. Therefore, an adequate safety factor must be adopted to compensate for the underestimation of peak stress values. Index Terms- FEM, Interface, Micro-Modeling, Masonry Structure