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Effects Of Sulphate And Chloride Contaminated Water On Concrete

One of the main causes of deterioration of concrete structures is the distress of concrete due to its exposure to harmful chemicals that may be found in contaminated water. It is found that the most aggressive chemicals that affect the durability of structures are chlorides, sulphates and acids. The effects of chemicals on quality characteristics of concrete have been evaluated on the basis of tests performed in laboratory. Compressive strength, mass loss and petrography tests were executed for analysis of the effects of respective ions on concrete. It has been deduced that the compressive strength of concrete progressively decreases with longer curing period under internal and external exposure of water having sulphate and chloride ions and the concrete mass loss increases with the length of curing period. Petrography tests show the prominence of voids and micro cracks in concrete. Index Terms- Quality characteristics of concrete, deterioration, compressive strength, mass loss, and petrography test