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Study On Structure, Extraction And Prevention Of Bamboo Fiber As Strength Enhancer In Concrete

In conventional concrete, micro cracks develop before structure is loaded because of drying shrinkage and other causes of volume change. So after addition of fibers it helps to develop the tensile and torsional strength and excellent permeability and frost resistance. Bamboo fibers are focused as one of substitution for natural plant fibers having many advantages such as low cost, low density, ecologically friendly, sustainability and biodegradability. Present study is made to understand the structure ,Preservative treatment, behavior of bamboo fibers by SEM analysis and to develop different methods of extracting bamboo fibers by using mechanical extracting, steam-explosion and alkaline-treatment techniques to use as a strength enhancer in the concrete. The studies has proved that the alkaline-treatment was better than the steam-explosion method to extract bamboo fibers as well for mechanically extracted fibers as reinforcement for green composites, where two years or older raw bamboo (younger than four years old) was immersed in 1% NaOH solution for 10 hours. Index Terms— Structure, Bamboo Fibers, Alkaline Treatment, Steam Explosion, Mechanical Extraction.