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A Study On Seismic Performance Of Adjacent Structures Connected With Fluid Viscous Dampers

Seismic performance of two adjacent buildings connected with Fluid Viscous Dampers (FVDs) has been studied in the present work. 3D models of two adjacent buildings are developed using the software ETABS® evaluation version. Height of one building (h) is kept constant at 15 m, whereas the height of adjacent building (H) is varied by increasing the number of storey’s. The H/h ratio is called as height ratio, this ratio is varied from 1 to 3. The adjacent structures with and without FVD connections are subjected to accelerograms of different earthquakes. FVDs are connected at storey levels of both the buildings. Responses of the adjacent structures are compared with and without FVD connections. Responses considered in the study are roof displacements, roof accelerations and base shears. Results indicate that adding FVDs have modified seismic responses of connected structures. Keywords— Time history, Fluid Viscous Dampers, Height ratio(H/h).