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Environmental Imapcts On Soil And Water Quality With Special Reference To Pharma Industry Using RS & GIS

The problems of groundwater, soil quality arise with changing land use patterns and thickly industrialized expanding with industrialization along with residential and other built-up areas, which affect the ground water resources and quality. The present study is aimed to evaluate industrial impacts on the soil and water quality. Soil, water samples are collected from the study area and analyzed for physic-chemical parameters for the generation of attributes. The spatial and attribute database thus generated are integrated and spatial maps of selected soil and water quality parameters showing variation of degree of contamination with respect to distance from the industry are prepared using ArcGIS software. Soil Quality Index (SQI) and Water Quality Index (WQI) are calculated to assess the suitability of soil for irrigation purpose, water for drinking purpose. Analysis of the soil, water samples show that the water is unsuitable for irrigation and drinking purpose also affecting the ground water quality of nearby areas of industry. The results show that the polluted water affects the soil parameters too. The results of soil and water samples are integrated with GIS which provide real time spatial information to the decision makers and end users. Keywords— Industrial impact, Soil Quality Index, Spatial distribution, Remote Sensing and GIS.