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Determination Of Duration Required For Formation Of Waterproofing Properties Of Concrete Treated By The Combination Of Penetrating Water Proofing Material And Silane / Siloxane Emulsion

Penetrating waterproofing is applied in order to reduce the water infiltration into concrete and reinforced concrete, as well as to protect it against various other effects. For penetrating waterproofing a silane/siloxane emulsion was chosen as an optimal solvent, since the combination of these two materials allows to get the mechanical properties different from those obtained while using the combination of penetrating waterproofing material and water. This has lead to further detailed research of the combination of these two substances and their application, in order to assess the advantages and disadvantages of using this combination in the mixture, as well as to determine the duration required for formation of waterproofing properties of concrete treated by combination of penetrating waterproofing material and silane / siloxane emulsion. Keywords— Water Penetration, Corrosion, Concrete, Penetrating Waterproofing, Silane/Siloxane Emulsion.