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Structural Performance of Impact-Damaged Reinforced Concrete Beams After Patch Repair With SBR Polymer-Modified Cementitious Mortar

This study evaluates structural integrities of impact-damaged reinforced concrete beams after patch repairs with SBR polymer-modified cementitious mortars. Eight reinforced concrete beams 1300 mm in length, 150 mm in depth and 100 mm in width were cast. Six of the eight beams were impact-damaged while the remaining two beams were undamaged and served as control samples. To subject the beams to impact damage, a 55-kg mass steel billet was raised to a height of 3.3 m and dropped from a movable steel scaffolding onto the midspan of the beams, which was supported on a steel I-beam 250- mm deep. The height was determined by conducting a series of trials on two of the beams in order to give a reasonable damage. From the four damaged beams, two beams were repaired with SBR polymer-modified cementitious mortars while the remaining two were left unrepaired. All repaired, unrepaired and control beams were then tested to failure in a four-point bend test over a span of 1200 mm to obtain parameters for evaluation of their structural integrities. Results showed that impact-damaged beams can be successfully repaired by patching with SBR polymer-modified cementitious mortars. Index Terms- Impact damage; reinforced concrete; polymer modified mortars