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Effects of Saw Dust Lignocelluloses on the Compressive Strength of Concrete Blocks

The results of an experimental study to compare and evaluate compressive strength of lignocellulose added M20 grade concrete blocks with standard M20 grade concrete blocks have been discussed in this paper. The study included preparation of lignocelluloses by treating sawdust with concentrated sulphuric acid followed by autoclaving the mix, casting of cubes of size 100 mm*100 mm*100 mm in two batches, one as control mix and other with lignocellulose added at the time of casting. The compressive strength was evaluated for third, seventh and twenty eighth days from casting for both the batches. It was observed that the batch with added lignocelluloses yielded more compressive strength on all test days than the control mix. An increase of 11.73 %, 15.31 % and 23.24 % in the compressive strength of concrete for third, seventh and twenty-eighth day was noticed. The results of this study indicate that the effect of addition of lignocelluloses in concrete is highly encouraging.