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Strengthening Effect in High Strength Silica Fume Concrete

The strengthening effect in high strength concrete is dependent on the water cement ratio and is inversely related to the value of water/cement ratio. Addition of silica fume in concrete introduces an inherent effect that leads to an increase in strength of concrete at the same water cement ratio. The water reducing effect is an important benefit of silica fume concrete. Silica fume has been recognised as a pozzolanic admixture that is effective in greatly enhancing mechanical properties. The addition of silica fume in concrete also increases the durability by reducing permeability and refining pore structure. It is suggested that its origin is in the improved Aggregate matrix bond. The interfacial transition zone usually governs all the properties of concrete being the weakest zone. This paper present test results indicate that use of Silica fume in concrete has improved the performance of concrete in strength as well as in durability aspect. Keywords— High strength concrete, silica fume, durability.