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Utilization of Advance C-TECH Technology For Reuse of Sewage in Sewage Treatment Plants of Navi Mumbai

C-TECH is Cyclic Activation Sludge Treatment Process and is a next generation sequential batch reactor technology. It provides highest treatment efficiency possible in a single step biological process.SFC; Austria is global water and Wastewater Company, has introduced C-Tech to treat and recycle sewage. The use of the C-TECH System will simplify the operation of the total wastewater treatment plant and provide excellent quality of treated effluent which can be reused. The treated effluent out of Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology is six times better than any conventional treatment. The treated sewage or effluents can be used for agriculture or industrial use. Keywords— Cyclic Activated Sludge Technology, co current nitrification and denitrification, Biological Oxygen Demand Chemical Oxygen Demand, Total Suspended Solid, etc.