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Reliability Study of Concrete Filled Tubes Using Reliability Index Approac

In most of the previous research, CFT are restricted to a deterministic approach. To gain clear knowledge about the effect of random properties of CFT, reliability analysis of CFT is carried out in the present study. For reliability analysis, a performance function is used to define. The capacity of the structure was obtained by using the experimental results conducted on the CFT. Resistance function for the structure formulated based on the provisions of Euro code on composite structures. Then the reliability of CFT by using reliability index approach (RIA) like first order reliability method (FORM) is carried out. The parametric influences on the reliability of CFT are studied. Form the research, it is concluded that fluctuations of such parameters has significant influences on structural reliability of the CFT. Keywords- CFT-Concrete Filled Tubes, FORM, Reliability index approach, Performance function.