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Improvement of Lateritic Soil Using Eggshell Powder & Marble Dust and its Comparison With Lime Stabilized Clay

Eggshell powder has not been commonly used as a stabilizing material in most parts of the world. Marble dust are the wastes/dust produced during cutting and polishing of marble. This project aims at determining the geotechnical properties of eggshell powder and marble dust stabilized clay with a view to determine its suitability as a substitute for conventional lime stabilized clay. The main aim of the project is to compare the stabilizing potential of eggshell powder and marble dust which is easily obtained as a waste material with that of artificially synthesized lime. Lime is produced by burning of lime stone in kilns, which is harmful to the environment. It needs more cost to burn lime stone so as to obtain lime used for stabilization. Thus eggshell powder and marble dust could be a good replacement for industrial lime since it contains lime content in it. The effect of eggshell powder and marble dust on the index and engineering properties of clay will be analyzed individually and in combination. The project is aimed at determining the optimum percentage of combination of eggshell powder and marble dust in clay which can effectively replace conventional lime. Keywords- Eggshell powder, marble dust , Lime, clay stabilization, geotechnical properties