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Concept of Biogreen Buildings: A Nextgen of Green Buildings Using Biomimetics

BioGreen is about solutions refined and developed by nature. This paper discusses the potential of the concepts under the domain of ‘sustainability’ for human welfare by reducing the harmful effects of the built environment on us. It shows the connection between green techniques and biomimetics and to point out applicability of combination of both the methods in construction activities. Modifications in the building services are mimicked from nature such as walls from homeostasis in organisms, natural ventilation from termites, solar panels from photosynthesis, etc. Environmental services such as using CO2 as a feedstock for construction related activities, using Ornilux glasses and saving birds from collision with the buildings, using prefabricated steel for fast building members save time and generate almost no wastes as formwork is avoided. If sustainability is defined as a combination of practices and values, BioGreen fits in the picture with flying colors due to the coverage of both the methods. Keywords- BioGreen Buildings, Biomimetics, Green Buildings