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The Flood Risk Assessment of Green Roofs and Surface Retention For Climate Change

Population growth and urban development, especially the land use change, put pressure on urban drainage water infrastructure. As a result, the severe flooding events happened in the recent years. The traditional structural measures are difficult to reconstruct in the existed urban area. Urban floods endanger the people of casualties and causing serious property losses. Therefore, the other flood measure using adaptation strategies of risk assessment in urban area is a significant problem to be study. In this way, a series of alternative plans were studied and compared by the flood risk assessment to get suitable prevention and adaptation in order to reduce the impact of disasters. In the study the adaptations for hazard are green roofs and detention ponds installation which can reduce the peak discharge and delay time occurring storm water runoff. The hydraulic experiments of the water storage of green roofs with varies soil types are conducted. The numerical inundation model is employed to calculate water depth in cases of the adaptation and climate change. The center Taipei city is chosen as the study area. The A1B scenario of rainfall for climate change by Intergovernmental Panel Change is simulated. Keywords- Climate change, adaptation, green roofs, risk assessment