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Solar Chimney For Enhanced Natural Ventilation Based on CFD-Simulation For a Housing Prototype in Alexandria, Egypt

Natural ventilation is being increasingly proposed as an alternative passive technique for mechanical air conditioning ventilation, which could minimize the operation hours of active cooling solutions in Residential Buildings in hot regions like Egypt. This study investigates the effect of the solar chimney on the indoor thermal performance by CFD simulation for a room in a residential prototype in Alexandria, Egypt. The influence on the ventilation velocity and indoor operative air temperature affected by air gap widths is investigated based on a number of CFD Simulation results using DesignBuilder software. Results show that the thermal performance of the operative air temperature has been reduced by 0.81 C⁰ and air velocity of the room has been improved after introducing Solar Chimney by 50% at the hottest hour. This has shown that the solar chimney is useful and functions as a stack ventilation tool. Index Terms— CFD Simulation, Residential, Solar Chimney, Stack Ventilation, Thermal Performance.