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A Study to Enhance the Performance of Historical Buildings in Alexandria, Egypt [Case Study: Faculty of Engineering Administration Building]

The Historical buildings in Egypt are neglected, although their value and importance. It is a unique opportunity to reach higher levels of environmental performance and reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Working in a sustainable way brings environmental, social and economic advantages. The main scope of this paper is to indicate the environmental prospects to evaluate the performance of the buildings. The Faculty of engineering in Alexandria is one of the most important historical buildings in Alexandria, as it was built in 1941 and it occupies every year more than three thousands student, it is located in one of the main roads in Alexandria (Abou Quer St.) close to Manshia district (downtown). To achieve this aim, simulation software’s (diva-for-rhino & Autodesk Vasari) were used to conduct a series of sensitivity analysis on a set of design parameters which influence the building performance, using low cost solutions and simple strategies for environmental treatments which is the method to assess the environmental performance of buildings and in decision-making for sustainable buildings. Index Terms— Energy, Day Lighting Performance, Sustainable Rehabilitation, Green Building Solutions, Energy Simulations.