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Physical & Numerical Modeling of Overtopping Erosion and Earthen Embankment Breach

Many studies of earthen embankment failure from overtopping flow have been conducted in various aspects. Most of them have focused on the mechanism of erosion, and breach hydrograph. The results can be obtained either from physical and numerical modeling and/or coupling techniques. In this research, the overtopping erosion of embankment breach and failure characteristics were studied by using physical and numerical simulation. Fixed embankment slopes with scale of 1:8.5 were employed to perform the physical experiment. Flow discharges that can be supplied at 4 constant values were 4.14, 7.78, 11.59 and 16.48 l/s, respectively. The iRIC Nays2DH numerical model was applied to simulate both physical experiment and field scale. It was found that simulated results are compared well in both water flow and breach morphological characteristics. This indicates that the model simulation is reasonable for physical experiment and field scale. The obtained results can be exploited to develop the guidelines for protection of hydraulic structures from failure caused by embankment overtopping, flood damage and others. Keywords- Earthen embankment, iRIC, Physical and numerical modeling, Overtopping