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Research Entitle the Technological Progress of Glass Usage in Buildings

The research discusses the modern technological progress and development of glass usage in buildings. Such as the modern techniques of the types of glassed curtain walls is clarified with figures and pictures. Glass as a building element is considered in our age as an important building unit. It is an essential component in formation and elevation composition. The research shows types of glazed curtain walls used in buildings façades such as Stick System Curtain Wall, Unitised Curtain Walling, Panelized Curtain Walling, Spandrel Panel Ribbon Glazing and Structural Sealant Glazing. As a development of the glass used in curtain walls, it is discussed through the research solar cells which has been added. That is to add more usages for the building façades. As well as, the self-cleaning technology as one of the smart techniques is discussed. The research proves the role of technology in developing glass as one of the most important element which is used in forming buildings in terms of design, performance and operating and sustainability techniques. Key words- Technological Progress, Glass Usage, Glass, Building Technology, Glass Technology.