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Indentation and Fe Analysis For Characterization of Mechanical Properties in SM520 Steel Weld Zone

Mechanical properties in the weld zone of a popular structural steel SM520 were characterized using indentation and finite element (FE) analysis. Indentation tests were performed across the weld zone including portions of weld metal (WM), base metal (BM), and heat-affected zone (HAZ). Hardness (H), elastic modulus (E), yield strength (y), and strain hardening exponent (n) were extracted from indentation load-depth curve with the aid of FE analysis. The results showed that H, E, y, and n values in the HAZ decrease in the direction from WM to BM region, the average values of H, E, y, and n in HAZ are highest, whereas WM has a lower E but a higher H, y, and n than does BM. Keywords— Indentation; Mechanical properties; SM520 steel; Weld Zone.