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Hydro Dynamic Analysis of Mooring of Floating Platform With 6 Degree of Freedom in Wind Turbine at Offshore Waters Persian Gulf

In recent years and in parallel to required energy supply for obtaining progress goal in world countries, there are some steps for decreasing costs and exploitation of unlimited and high efficiency energies. In the past, countries of world extracted their necessary energies by using fossil fuels resources. This process gradually was decreased because of limitation of resource and high costs and finally leads to advanced countries use the clean and renewable fuel. Today wind energy is one of most important renewable fuel which change kinetic energy of wind to electric energy through wind turbine in land and sea and made it available for communities. From natural and climatic condition perspectives, marine environment has too much energy powers. Iran, because of zone of huge water at Oman Sea and Persian Gulf at south and Caspian Sea at north, has desirable potential for obtaining wind energy. In the meantime analysis of sea environmental powers in line with mooring and establishing base of wind turbine and support stability of structure is very important. In present study, researcher by using result of modeling and simulation software Moses, states that the most mobility of freedom degrees is obtained in contact with water wave and currents with 135 contact angle in wind turbines and most effect of mooring force under 180 degree contact angle with floating wind turbine. Keywords- renewable energy, offshore wind turbine, environmental forces, spar