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Seismic Analysis of Shear Wall Model

The shear wall which resisted the earthquake, although its design code limits were exceeded, is analyzed. Measured data obtained during full-scale cyclic testing of reinforced concrete low-rise shear-wall serve as the starting basis for numerical research in the paper. Two nonlinear numerical models of the wall are derived: Single degree of freedom model consisting parallel springs and sliding elements and single degree of freedom model with material law obtained as envelope curve of the measured hysteresis. Various aspects of behavior under seismic loading are studied using the models. The linear and nonlinear behavior shear wall under seismic excitation is analyzed in time domain. Results of both models are compared. It is shown that the mass of the surrounding structure strongly influences the linear respectively nonlinear behavior of the wall. Index Terms- Experimentally based numerical seismic analysis, low-rise reinforced concrete shear walls, SDOF model.