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Barrier Factors in Implementing the Concept of Intelligent Buildings in the Construction Industry in Malaysia

Malaysia can be consider as a developing country which is construction having the higher percentage involvement and active activity compare to other sector. From the conventional method of construction, Malaysia practicioners start to look into a new technology to minimised especially energy consumption during construction stage. Not stopping until that, they are looking for new implementation to design and building itself to minimised the energy used and push into maximu uses of the building by implementing all the relevant technology to make a building can be facilitating the occupant and the building’s user. Intelligent building not so called as a new concept implementing in Malaysia. There a re a few building in Malaysia implementing and practicing this concept in their design and services. But, the number still lower compare to other developing country. Because of the minimal number of practicing this concept, this research study has been conduct to investigate the barrier factor lead to implementing this concept. In order to maximised the accuracy in the data collection, the respondent come from those people who have more than 2 years experience in construction field with relevant qualification as well. 80 respondents comes from varies background were answered the questionnaire. This study has a limitation as well, where the research area limit in Klang Valley and Selangor area only. This research aims to identify the barrier factor so that the relevant parties who lead the construction industry may overcome this issue. Index Term- intelligent building, practicioner, consent, barrier factors.