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Prediction and Optimization of Friction Stir Welding Parameters of Al6061/Tic Metal Matrix Composites

The metal joining characteristics of Al6061/TiC composite using Friction stir welding was investigated in the present study. The present paper focuses the features of the development of the mathematical models for correlating the interactive and higher order influences of various process parameters on the sliding wear behavior of friction stir welding, i.e. the wear rate and wear resistance, through response surface methodology. Experimental plan is implemented by a standard response surface methodology design called a central composite design (CCD). The results of analysis of variance (ANOVA) indicate that the developed mathematical models obtained can adequately describe the performance within the limits of the factors being studied. The optimal combination of these parameters can be used in order to achieve minimum wear rate and maximum wear resistance. Keywords- Friction stir welding, Metal Matrix Composite (MMC), Response surface methodology, Optimization