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Innovative Technology For the Reinforcements of the Columns and Shear-Walls

During the construction of rectangular reinforced concrete structural walls, it is required, in most cases, to install closely spaced stirrups around the dense longitudinal reinforcements at the boundary regions of structural walls. High percentage of steel is needed at the end regions of the walls and limited dimensions of the elements cause extensive problems during construction and placing of the boundary reinforcements. This leads to errors in construction of the reinforced concrete structural wall reinforcements and in most cases may make the construction impossible. To overwhelm this difficulties, prefabricated composite shear walls (PCSW) having L profiles and L section folded plates (L shape steel made- up sections) as longitudinal reinforcement and special stirrups in boundary regions was proposed. In the scope of the experimental study, the proposed PCSW test specimen was tested under reversed cyclic lateral loading. The seismic behavior PCSW test specimen was investigated by evaluating and interpreting the experimental results. The PCSW specimen showed desirable flexural strength and deformation capacity. Keywords— Boundary Reinforcements, Composite Shear Walls, Reinforced Concrete Shear Walls, Structural Walls.