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Particle Size Optimization of Fly Ash

This paper presents an experimental investigation on the effect of fly ash particle size distribution.The particle size distribution of fly ash is thought to affect the strength of the cement mortars due to its filler effect as well the increase in the amount of chemical reactions caused by the fly ash. In this project, a compact cement mortars will be obtained by the optimization of the fly ash, depending on the particle size distributions according to modified Andreasen and Andersen model. Different cement mortars specimens with are produced accordance with particle size distribution of fly ash. In accordance with TS EN 196-1 for flexural and compressive strength the samples are prepared in the size of 40x40x160 mm with the effect of size particle size distribution. The specimens are tested on compressive and flexural strengths were done on the samples which were cured in drinking water. As a result the best flexural and compressive strengths in the samples which are cured in drinking water are observed in between 0.3 and 0.4modulus of distribution ratio. Index terms: Fly Ash, Filler Effect, Gradation, Cement Mortar