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The Barriers to the Implementation of Industrialized Building System (IBS) in High Rise Structure in Selangor

Industrialized building system (IBS) is adopted as an alternative construction industry in Malaysia. This study is conducted to investigate the barriers in the implementation of IBS in Selangor, Malaysia. Quantitative study was carried out to collect primary data. Questionnaire survey was conducted among CIBD employees and construction experts involved in IBS projects. Lack of awareness among the people, lack of government incentives and promotion, lack of manpower, low quality and poor skills and knowledge are the top most barriers in the implementation IBS construction in Selangor. In the conclusion, the acceptance level of IBS among experts and general public found lower further studies need to be carried out. The study recommends awareness, skills and training program and government initiatives of promotion for the implementation of industrialized building system (IBS) in Selangor, Malaysia Key Words- Barriers, Implementation, Industrialized building system (IBS), High Rise structures; Selangor