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Lechate Treatment Using Stabilization Ponds In Tropical Environments

Among available options, for its simplicity and economic advantages, landfilling is still one of the most common method of disposing solidwaste worldwide. Anyhow, solidwaste landfilling is not entirely trouble free, poorly managed fills, a common practice in the developing world, leads to many harmful side-effects including water and soil pollution. In most instances, handling landfill lechate often the most common cause for pollution is a challenging, complicated and a costlier exercise. Therefore introducing simpler, affordable landfill lechate management techniques suitable for developing nations like Sri Lanka is vital. This study evaluates the ability of waste stabilization ponds a widely accepted low cost wastewater treatment option in treating MSW generated lechate under tropical conditions. Both laboratory and field scale pond systems were tested treating MSW lechate for organic matter and ammonium-N removal. Results obtained show over 95%, 85% and 70% reductions for COD, BOD5 and ammonium-N removals respectively. Further, the tropical climate conditions show much favorable environment for enhanced and reliable treatment. Keywords - Ammonium Nitrogen, BOD, COD, Leachate, Sanitary Landfill, Stabilization Ponds.