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Hourly Rainfall Generation by Markov Chain Rainfall Generator

Simulation of hourly rainfall is very important in urban hydrology and small catchments with fast concentration time to model the hydrological processes and prediction of flash flood. Considerable efforts have been given to simulate the daily rainfall but there is not much research on modeling of hourly rainfall. Most hourly rainfall simulation model is based on poisson cluster theory which requires large number of parameters to be estimated and the parameter estimation procedure is complex. To overcome this problem, in this study, a first order two state Markov chain rainfall generator with gamma distribution is used to simulate hourly rainfall of a station in the city of Kolkata. The results indicate that the model is successful to simulate the diurnal cycle of rainfall with an acceptable degree of accuracy but need further improvement. Keywords- Hourly Rainfall Generator, Markov Chain, Transitional Probabilities, Diurnal Cycle