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Study on Numerical Analysis of High Rise Building

This paper presents the numerical study conducted on a structure of three floor height building structure. Most vibrations are undesirable and can cause damages to the buildings, machines and people all around us. The vibration wave from earthquakes, construction and winds have high potential to bring damage to the buildings. Excessive vibrations can result in structural and machinery failures. This failure is related to the human life and environment around it. The effect of vibration which causes failure and damage to the high rise buildings can be studied through the numerical analysis. This research aims to study the numerical analysis of high rise building through the simulation using MATLAB R2015a. A lumped mass model of three degrees of freedom (3DOF) is designed using MATLAB R2015a to identify the displacement, acceleration and mode shape of the 3DOF during vibration. The model designed is the physical representation of actual building structure in real life.The considered factors are the mass of the building and the stiffness of the structures scale which will be used for the simulation. Thus, the result obtained will be comparable with the real life effect. Based on the result from simulation study, by applying the forces of vibration on the building model the displacement, acceleration and mode shape can be analyzed. The result obtained can be used in future for further analysis during the experiment analysis. Keywords - Degrees-Of-Freedom, Displacement, Acceleration, Mode Shape