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Comparative Study of Responses of Symmetric Composite Plates under Different Loading Conditions

The increasingly high demand placed upon the performance of laminated structures means that the design envelops for composite structures should be carefully developed. The unavailability of a robust failure criterion for composites makes it difficult to summarize the analysis procedure and their estimated life. In the view of significant increase in application of FRP composites this paper is an attempt to study the responses of symmetric composite for different loading conditions. In this paper the composite laminated plate is modeled in ABAQUS software with hinged end support all along the edges under varying load. Comparison of the induced bending stress and resulted maximum deformation is done in different fiber reinforced composites and then an attempt is made to find out the most effective symmetric laminate and after the analysis some fibers are found to be more efficient in load carrying capacity than the others for a certain loading condition. Keywords - FRP Composite, ABAQUS, Laminate, Robust.