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A Standard Remodeling System for Existing Housing Units Integrated with the Energy Production Module using Algae Activation

This research proposes an optimal energy remodeling improvement plan which can be applied to existing apartment houses by simulating the energy performance and reclassifying the technology elements applied to existing passive houses and energy saving building in domestic and foreign cases. The Korea diffusion ratio of house has exceeded 100% in 2008 by the National Statistical Office. Korean construction systems including housing have been transformed from quantitative to qualitative. The construction trend is focusing existing buildings through reconstruction and remodeling rather than new construction due to the physical limitations: limited land use, decreased demand, changes in the economic structure, changes in the resident’s mind, etc. In addition, most of the domestic energy housing systems (Zero energy house, Bio-housing, Green building, Passive house, etc.) and related researches have done only for new construction. In this situation, the purpose of this research is to analyze the situation in Korea objectively and to study the suitable method applicable to the existing building and house and to suggest a direction through the research result. Index terms- Algae Energy, Algae Façade, System of energy production housing, existing housing and buildings, changes in elevation, Applicable platform for existing housing, Apartment