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Credibility Establishment of A Hydrological Model: Sensitivity Analysis, Calibration and Validation (A Case Study on A Tropical River Basin In Malaysia)

Present paper describes the detailed procedure of credibility establishment of HEC-HMS hydrological model for a tropical river basin in Malaysia. These include sensitivity analysis, calibration and validation processes. Results showed that the generated runoff volume and runoff peak discharge are significantly sensitive to imperviousness, initial discharge of recession method, peak flow coefficient, lag-time, hydraulic conductivity, moisture deficit and wetting front suction. On the other hand, initial loss in Green-Ampt method, recession constant and threshold flow in recession method have no meaningful effects on the runoff volume and runoff peak discharge. Moreover, median of calibrated parameter values during calibration of hydrological modelling is more accurate for validation process in comparison with average and mode values. Keywords- Hydrological Modelling, Sensitivity Analysis, Calibration, Validation, HEC-HMS.