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Synthesis & Characterization of RHA (Rice Husk Ash) Particulates Reinforced A7075 Composites

There has been an increasing interest in composites containing low density and low cost reinforcements. Composites find a major usage in society with the advancement of the technology and research. A7075 is an Aluminium alloy series which is the strongest alloy of the aluminium present anywhere. This makes it find its usage in aerospace (making of space ship hulls) and defense sectors (M-16 rifles etc). This research paper is aimed to increase the properties of the alloy further by adding a reinforcement which is agriculture based and is abundantly available. The alloy ingot was casted and tested for basic mechanical properties, compressive strength and also for the strain hardening rate after the heat treatment properties. The composite was casted using stir casting technique. The composite formed was A-7075 with 5% RHA (RICE HUSK ASH). The reinforcement (preheat treatment), composite and the base alloy was subjected to T6 heat treatment condition and then tested for further mechanical properties. Keywords - Aluminum alloys, A-7075 matrix, MMCs, Stir casting Al alloys, Agricultural waste composites, Rice Husk Ash, Ageing Studies, Peak ageing, Under ageing, Over ageing.