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Demonstrated By Non-Destructive Tests The Detrimental Effects Of Sodium Sulfate Concentration On The Hardened Mortars

In this experimental study, the short – term effects of sodium sulfate solutions on the durability of hardened mortar specimens were investigated. For this purpose, 4 groups of mortar specimens were produced without reinforcement and the dimension of these specimens is 40x40x160 mm. Also the produced specimens were cured different environments such as water and sodium sulfate solution. The experimental tests were carried out on the specimens weekly between 7th and 77th days and different test programs as unit weight, volumetric water absorption, capillary water absorption and ultrasound velocity were applied on the 4 groups of the specimens. At the end of the non-destructive tests, Na2SO4 (sodium sulphate) had detrimental effects on the mortar specimens and the specimens had less experimental values than the normal situation. Keywords- Mortar, Concrete, Sulfate Effect, Durability, Ultrasound Velocity, Water Absorption