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Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Flexible Pavement (Kosmadi Patia to Sevni, MDR Road- Kamrej)

The arterial are designed for the higher traffic and traffic but due to distress in the pavement, its functional performance was not achieved. The pavement of arterial roads are designed for the high loads and resistance of life but due to variety of side friction such as climate the functional performance of Pavement designed was not satisfactory due to lack of design criteria, quality control, improper load on pavement looking to the issue on the causes of pavement distress that occur on the surface study was carried out on pavement distress and proposing the maintain option on an arterial roads due to distress. Laboratory investigation was carried out to identify the distress on a selected section of Kosmadipatia to Sevni area. The major cause of pavement distress was identified in the study. The comparison was made by an ordinary method of pavement construction and adding waste plastic during construction method. The results of Marshall Stability of the pavement by adding the waste plastic was satisfactory. Keywords - Maintenance Modified Bitumen, Plastic Waste, Rehabilitation.