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A Proposal of the Nanotechnology Based Flexible Pavement for Water Logging Area

This article presents detailed instructions for the preparation of Nanotechnology in flexible pavement for water logging area. We know that waterlogging damages the pavement heavily. Use of Nanotechnology in waterlogging area to make soil water proof, results in increment of CBR under wet condition and reduces the damages. And also stop the capillary rise of water. So in this water soluble saline nanotechnology used and provided a water proof soil layer between natural soil and pavement using saline and acrylic co-polymer in the proportion of 1 : 0.5 : 200 with saline in kg : acrylic co-polymer in kg and water in litter. The other benefits achieved are likely negligible maintenance and increase in overall life span of road. As the thickness of pavement decreases, material requirement reduces ultimately which is an added advantage. This paper discusses the recent developments in use of nanotechnology in pavement construction. Keywords: Nanotechnology, Flexible Pavement Design, Improving C.B.R in wet conditions, Capillary rise of water.