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Coconut Shell as a Replacement of Coarse Aggregate in Lightweight Concrete

Disposal of waste material is a great problem and it becomes challenging to find natural resources due to their extreme exploitation. Use of waste materials as construction materials has several benefits such as decrease in cost, saving in energy, and protection of environment. Coconut shell is one of the main contributors of pollution problem as an agricultural waste. Coconut shell used as coarse aggregate in concrete encouraged sustainable and environmentally helpful material in the construction field. The main concern of this research is the environment, and the construction and building technology to improve natural world and building materials. This paper presents an investigation of strength characteristics of concrete produced using crushed granular coconut shells as substitutes for conventional coarse aggregate. The tested parameters include physical properties and mechanical properties of coconut shell concrete. The test results illustrated that coconut shell can be used as a replacement of coarse aggregate for the production of lightweight structural concrete. Keywords: Coconut shell, sustainable materials, building materials, mechanical properties, lightweight concrete.