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Estimation of Runoff using Natural Resources Conservation Service – Curve Number Model in GIS for KUMARI River Basin in PURULIA District of West Bengal

Runoff Estimation is a decisive step in water resource management. The crop production of the arid region is affected by the poor water resource. Therefore proper management of available water is essential to prevent crop failure. In the present work Kumari River Basin in Purulia District of West Bengal, has been considered as the study area. The agricultural system of the study area is basically rain-fed in nature hence the runoff information is essential for implementation of suitable water resource management strategies. Hence, the present study has been carried out to estimate the runoff from daily rainfall data, based on the method developed by United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The same is called as Natural Resources Conservation Service – Curve Number (NRCS-CN) method. This method can be carried out in Geographical Information System (GIS) for the study area. Landuse and Hydrologic soil group data of the study area has been analyzed to derive the Curve Number values, based on the above said method. Finally, the daily runoff from weighted curve number could be obtained, for an average condition of the study area. Keywords - Daily Runoff Estimation, Geographical Information System (GIS), Natural Resources Conservation Service – Curve Number (NRCS-CN), Remote Sensing