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A Simplified Performance-Based Seismic Design Method for RC Buildings

The objective of this study is to develop a simplified seismic performance based design method which propose to reduce repetition cycles of the nonlinear process. The performance objectives are immediate occupancy, life safety and collapse prevention performance levels under the serviceability, design based and maximum considered earthquakes, respectively. The peak ground accelerations are estimated using earthquake data along the Sagaing Fault in Myanmar. The evaluated yield accelerations of twenty case studies of the seismic force resisting systems that complying with the performance objectives are documented as a data bank based on the current analysis and design procedure. Then, they are converted to a proposed yield acceleration equation using second-order polynomial regression. The proposed design method is introduced by using the yield acceleration as a design data bank. This method is also verified by the total of four buildings based on different number of stories and various plan configurations. By introducing, this proposed yield acceleration at the initial stage of analysis and design as a simplified method, some repetitions of the nonlinear process can be reduced. Keywords– A Simplified Performance-Based Seismic Design, Performance Objectives, Yield Acceleration, Second Order Polynomial Regression, Repetition Cycles.