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Experimental Study on the Flexural Behavior of Composite Rc Beams Having an Engineered Cementitious Composite Layer at the Bottom

The primary aim of this research was to investigate the flexural behavior of composite reinforced concrete (RC) beams having an Engineered Cementitious Composite (ECC) layer at the bottom face. ECC is a mortar based composite reinforced material, which has improved properties of high ductility, tensile and flexural strength. For this purpose, four full scale composite RC-ECC beams and two RC control beams were casted and tested under third point bending in the straining frame. Two different ECC layers having thickness of 75 mm and 100 mm were used to study the effect of layer thickness. After careful test results, the average cracking load for the composite beams was increased by 32% and 70% and the average yield load increased by 11% and 19% for 75 and 100 mm layer of ECC respectively, as compared to RC Control beams. Similarly the average ultimate load for composite beams was found slightly decrease but the individual value was observed more. Furthermore the mid span deflection of the beams was observed to increase at crack load & yield load. Keywords: ECC, PVA fibers, Fly ash, Deflection, Flexural Behavior