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Water Quality Assessment of Godavari River at Basara Region

The River Godavari, a holy river known since ancient time, is the second largest river in India. Apart from Ganga and Yamuna, Godavari also holds the special religious importance in India. Spatial variation of the water quality of these holy rivers is difficult to interpret; a monitoring program is often necessary which has responsibility to provide representative and reliable estimation of the river water quality.So systematic study has been carried out to assess the water quality of Godavari River at Basara. Water samples from seven sampling stations were collected and physical and chemical parameters were analyzed by the standard methods. In this study Water Quality was determined on the basis of twelve parameters like PH, Electrical Conductivity, Alkalinity, Hardness, TDS, TSS, TS, DO, BOD, COD, Fluorides, Nitrates. The pollution level over a period of time is increasing on the river water mainly due to industrial and other waste waters are directly discharge in the river. Hence the present study is aimed to examine the water quality of the Godavari River and to evaluate the impact of such contaminated water. Keywords - Water quality index, Godavari River, Basara, Physical and Chemical parameters.