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Effect of Reinforcement Corrosion on Seismic Performance of Reinforced Concrete Structures

Steel reinforcement corrosion is recognized as one of the major factor contributing to the performance deterioration of existing reinforced concrete (RC) structures. Corrosion in reinforcement triggers loss of steel reinforcement area and corrosion induced cracking and spalling of concrete promote reduction of concrete cross-sectional area. Reinforcement corrosion leads to deterioration of bond and anchorage between concrete and reinforcement directly impairing the stiffness, strength and deformation capacities of RC structural components. This paper presents a comprehensive synopsis of the research conducted in the area of seismic vulnerability of corroded RC structures such that the substantive findings of this study can be useful for researchers and practicing engineers to initiate their venture in this arena in future. Index terms- Corrosion, Reinforced Concrete, Deterioration, Bond, Strength.