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Estimating Contours and Desirability of the J-Ring Test on Self-Compacting Concrete

This research presents the application of the Box-Benken design method to develop a model for estimating contours of the J-Ring and its desirability on fresh self-compacting (SCC) test with different percentages of the bentonite. The J-ring has been measured for 15 mixtures tested at the laboratories of Al Hussien Bin Talal University and Ajloun National University. The mineral filler bentonite was added to SCC with 5%, 12.5%, and 20% of cement replacement. These can make many benefits in workability and consistency, besides the fact that it is possible to reduce the quantities of cement and optimize the percentage in the mixtures. The performance of the model can be judged by the correlation coefficient (R2), mean absolute Error (MAE) and root mean square error (MSE) which have been adopted as the comparative measures against the experimental results obtained from the mixtures. Keywords - Box-Benken Method; Bentonite; Self-Compacting Concrete; Contour J-Ring