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Improvement of Urban Sustainability using Recycled Aggregates in Green Permeable Concrete Pavement

The increasing use of pervious concrete as environment-friendly and sustainable paving materials is primarily owed to its ability to reduce pavement runoffassisting to control demand for flood handling infrastructure in developing cities. Concrete mixes incorporatethe replacement of Portland cement with 50% GGBS using open-graded 10 mm and 20 mm recycled concrete aggregates recovered from demolished masonry and concrete structures from Al Dhafra Recycling Facility. Comprehensivepermeability and clogging tests are applied to assess performance of the pavement exposed to sand storms and dust settlement during its expected service life. Mechanical and transport properties are investigated and compared to reference counterparts. Further examination of microstructure is performed using scanning electron microscopy to study the aggregate-cement interface during subsequent hydration. The results provide valuable insight into the performance of the recycled permeable pavements and suggest some considerations to improve its sustainability. Keywords - GGBS, Dust Storm, Drainage, Flood Control, Heat Island Effect, Dubai