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Properties of Foamed Concrete Incorporating Palm Oil Biomass Ash as a Partial Cement Replacement

Palm oil biomass has been used as fuel in producing electricity distributed to the masses or for limited usage at the palm oil mills for their internal energy needs. Palm oil biomass ash (POBA) is the result of the incineration process of palm oil biomass. For the sake of reducing the ash’s negative impact on the environment, several studies have endeavoured on incorporating this waste into the production of concrete, mortar and paste. However, all these studies have used it after excessive processing. In this study, POBA sieved through a 300μm sieve will be used to partially replace cement in foamed concrete. Compressive strength, drying shrinkage as well as porosity will be determined for foamed concrete mixes having constant filler to binder ratio of 1.0 and a density of 1300kg/m3 at ages from 7 to 90 days. Results show that with the aid of a superplasticiser dose, coarse oil palm ash can be used as a partial cement replacement in producing foamed concrete without any negative effect on the properties. Index Terms - Foamed concrete, Palm oil, Properties, Replacement