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Assessing the Strength of Reinforced Concrete Through Rebound Hammer Technique

This paper presents the assessment of the compressive strength for four storeyed reinforced concrete residential building through rebound hammer technique. The relationship between the rebound number and the compressive strength of the concrete for proposed building is done applying linear regression analysis. From the test, we can observe that 46% of the ground floor columns have poor compressive strength less than the design strength 17Mpa while the percentages are lower than 46% for the upper floors. Only 1% of columns possess good concrete compressive strength greater than 35Mpa for all floor levels. Compressive strengths of floor slabs are in fair condition with 70%, 83% and 90 % of slabs are between 17 Mpa and 35Mpa for the three floor levels. For floor beams, about 28% of beams are poor concrete for the first and third floor while 36% for second floor. Overall of that reinforced concrete structure can be categorized as in a fair condition. Keywords - Assessment, Compressive Strength, Linear Regression Analysis, Rebound Number, Standard Error