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Performance and Study of Single Slope Solar Still in Various Productivity Enhancement Method

Acute shortage of good cleaning drinking water is a major problem for most developing countries of the world. In most cases ponds, streams ,wells and rivers are often polluted that they are unsafe for direct use as drinking water. Often water sources are brackish and or contain harmful bacteria. Therefore cannot beused for drinking .In addition there are many coastal location where sea water is abundant but potable water is not available .Solar distillation is one of the important methods of utilizing solar energy for the supply of potable water to small communities where natural supply of fresh water is inadequate or of poor quality .In this direction an experimental performance analysis was carried out on a single basin still compared with FPC coupled one. Test were carried out for different water samples namely bore well water ,sea water ,river water for a water depth of 20 mm. Measurement of various temperature solar intensity, distillate water collected from north and south slope were taken for several days under local climatic conditions. .Various test will be conducted with varying parameter to maximize the efficiency of the solar distillation system with low cost. The following methods are adopted to increase the efficiency of the solar still - 1. By using jute cloth sac. 2. By using charcoal and glass beds added to the water basin to increase the evaporation rate. 3. By changing the inclination angle of the glass plate of the still. 4. By fixing glass plates around the system. 5. By floating perforated black plate.

Author - Satyabrata Achraya, Tamasa Tatini Sutar, Rahul Kumar Singh

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| Published on 2018-01-27
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