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Investigation of Changes in Group Index (GI) of AashtoClassificationused in Road Constraction

The soil classification methods used to identify the soil are an important criterionforpredicting the physical behavior of the soils. The AASHTO classification system, widely used in road construction, divides the ground into seven main groups. The AASHTO classificationsystem, thegrain size distribution, and the Atterberg limits are derived from experiments, a system in which the soil group is identified from left to right. Groupindex (GI) value is a para metric value that determines the suit ability of siltyorclay-sanded ground materials for use as road infrastructure fill material. In this study, the variation of the group index value was investigated as the percentage of material passing under the number 200 mesh increased. Keywords - AASHTO Classification System, Group index (GI), Road Construction, Fill Material.

Author - Baran Toprak, Ersin Korkmaz

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| Published on 2018-01-29
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